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Adding an Artistic Border
How Do I Change the Border on the First Page Only?
When you add a page border, by default, Word applies the border to all of the pages in
your document. What if you want to skip the border on the first page or apply the
border only to the first page? You can do either of these things easily by using the Apply
To setting on the Page Border tab in the Borders And Shading dialog box. To suppress
the display of the border for the first page, on the Page Border tab, click the Apply To
arrow then select This Section – All Except First Page. To apply the border to the first page
only, choose This Section – First Page Only in the Apply To list on the Page Border tab.
Adding an Artistic Border
The Art Page Border feature, known in earlier versions of Microsoft Office as BorderArt, is
where you can add an artistic touch to entire pages in your document. Special graphics are
placed in patterns—either in black and white or in color—and used as borders for a page,
group of pages, or selected sides of pages. To apply an artistic page border, follow these
1. Click in the document to which you want to add the border.
2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Borders button to display the
Borders And Shading dialog box, and then select the Page Border tab.
3. Click the Art arrow then scroll through the art borders. Select an Art option.
The Preview area displays your change. To control which borders will contain
graphics, you can click the border segments to add and remove the images.
4. On the Apply To list, choose which pages should include the border.
You can include the border on the Whole Document, This Section, This Section – First
Page Only, or This Section – All Except First Page.
5. Click OK and the border is added to the document according to your choices.
Artistic borders can be colorful and vibrant, but they can also be a bit much for some
professional documents. For that reason, you should use art borders sparingly and use
discretion to determine whether they are appropriate on a case-by-case basis.
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