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Adjusting Border Spacing
Use Border Settings to Add Blank Lines
Here’s a great way to add horizontal lines for write-in spaces in your documents. Press
Enter to insert a number of blank lines in your document in the area where you want to
create horizontal lines. Then select the blank lines, click the arrow on the Borders
button, and then click the Inside Horizontal Border option. Evenly spaced lines are added
automatically, extending from the left to the right margin.
Adjusting Border Spacing
Word makes a few assumptions about the way borders appear in documents. By default, it
sets a small margin to borders applied to a paragraph and a larger margin to borders for
sections and pages. When you add a border to a paragraph, Word adds a 1-point margin
to the top and bottom and a 4-point margin along the left and right edges of the border.
When you add a page or section border, it adds 24-point margins on all four sides,
measured from the edge of the page.
To access border options with which you can adjust spacing between borders and content,
display the Borders And Shading dialog box (click Borders And Shading in the Paragraph
group on the Home tab). Click the Borders tab if you’re changing the options for a
paragraph border, or click the Page Border tab if you’re working with a document or section
border. Each of these choices displays different selections in the Border And Shading
Options dialog box.
If the Borders tab is displayed when you click Options in the lower-right corner of the
dialog box, the Border And Shading Options dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 19-7. If
the Page Borders tab is selected, you will see the dialog box shown in Figure 19-8.
Figure 19-7 You control border margins and make choices about border alignment in the
Border And Shading Options dialog box.
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