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Adjusting Border Spacing
Figure 19-8 Use the Page Border tab to display the options available for spacing the border of
an entire page.
To make changes to the border margins, click in the box you want to change and type a
new value, or use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the value shown.
For page borders, Word automatically measures the margin from the edge of the page, but
you can change the setting so that the measurement reflects spacing between the text and
the surrounding border. To make this change, click the Measure From arrow and choose
Text. When working with the Borders tab, the Border And Shading Options dialog box only
allows you to configure the space between the border and text.
Other options in the Border And Shading Options dialog box are available only if you’re
working with a page or section border. By default, Word 2010 includes any headers and
footers inside the bordered area and, also by default, enables the Always Display In Front
check box, which causes the border to be in front of any text or graphic objects that might
overlap it. If you have other borders or tables within the bordered section, the Align
Paragraph Borders And Table Edges With Page Border check box is also available to you. If you
want Word to align all of these borders, select this check box.
After you finished choosing border options, click OK twice to return to your document.
If you select a table before you display the Borders And Shading dialog box, your
options on the Apply To list display Text, Paragraph, Table, and Cell.
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