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Inserting Horizontal Lines
My border isn’t printing correctly.
If your page border doesn’t print along one edge of the page or is positioned too close
to an edge, check the border’s margin options. To do this, display the Page Border tab
of the Borders And Shading dialog box and then click Options. In the Margin area,
check your settings. If you set up your border to be measured from Edge Of Page, the
space between the text and the border might be pushing the border into the
nonprintable area, depending on your printer’s specifications. (Most printers do not print in the
0.5-inch area around the perimeter of the page.) Choose the Measure From arrow and
select Text. Adjust the margins if necessary and print out a test page to see whether
this corrects the problem.
Inserting Horizontal Lines
Word provides a collection of graphical horizontal lines that you can insert in documents to
help set off a section, call attention to a special element in text, or set off a sidebar or
special element. To add a graphical horizontal line to a document, follow these steps:
1. Place the insertion point where you want to add the line.
2. Display the Borders And Shading dialog box and select any tab.
3. Click the Horizontal Line button in the lower-left corner of the dialog box to display
the Horizontal Line dialog box, as shown in Figure 19-9.
Figure 19-9 The Horizontal Line dialog box displays predesigned graphical lines that you
can insert in your document.
4. Scroll through the selections and click a line style to add the line.
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