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Adding Borders to Pictures
After you place a horizontal line in a document, you can select, copy, paste, resize, move,
and color it as you would other graphical items. To change the format of the line, right-click
it, choose Format Horizontal Line, and select the settings you want to change. Furthermore,
you can insert additional instances of the line by choosing the Horizontal Line option from
the Borders button menu.
You can create your own graphical lines in Word or another program (such as Windows
Paint or Microsoft PowerPoint 2010) and then add the customized line to your
Horizontal Line gallery. To import a custom line, display the Borders And Shading dialog
box and click Horizontal Line. In the Horizontal Line dialog box, click Import. Navigate
to the file you want to use, click it, and then click Add. The line is added to the gallery
and remains selected, ready for you to use.
Adding Borders to Pictures
Adding borders to pictures is a little different than adding borders to text. Instead of using
the Borders And Shading dialog box, adding a border to a picture involves changing the
formatting settings for that particular object in your document. Here’s how it’s done:
1. Click the picture or chart to which you want to add the border.
The contextual Picture Tools appears above the Ribbon.
In the Picture Styles group, click Picture Border.
The Picture Border list appears, as shown in Figure 19-10.
Figure 19-10 In the Picture Styles group of the Picture Tools contextual tab, choose
Picture Border to add a border to an image in your document.
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