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Shading Considerations
In the Patterns area, click the Style arrow to display your choices for the density or
pattern of the color you select. Choose a lower percentage for a lighter shade.
The Preview area shows the effect of each selection. Check carefully to make sure that
the pattern doesn’t make your text more difficult to read.
5. Click OK to apply the shading settings.
To remove shading, select the shaded content and then perform one of the following
Highlight the shaded area then click the Shading arrow in the Paragraph group on
the Home tab. Choose No Color.
Display the Borders And Shading dialog box, click the Shading tab, choose No Color
in the Fill area, and then click OK.
Remove the pattern by displaying the Borders And Shading dialog box, clicking the
Shading tab, and then clicking the Style arrow in the Patterns area. Click Clear to
remove the pattern and then click OK.
Shading Considerations
As with the caveat given earlier about art borders, remember that a little shading goes a
long way. Done thoughtfully and with readers’ needs in mind, shading can be effective
in calling attention to certain elements and helping special design objects stand out on
the page (especially in a complex document). Yet overusing shading or using the wrong
mix of colors and patterns can make your document or Web page harder for people to
read, which means they’ll turn the page or click away from your site—and you’ll lose your
To use shading effectively, consider the following guidelines:
Use shading on a need-to-use basis. Don’t sprinkle shades all the way through
your document at random. Give a shade a reason, such as, “Every time we mention a
new board member, we’ll provide a brief biography in a shaded sidebar.”
Choose intensities carefully. A shade that looks light on the screen might be
much darker in print. Always look at your document in print form whenever possible,
even for online content. You never know when a reader will decide to print an online
page for later reference.
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