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Protection Features in Word 2010
Save the document in a non-modifiable, fixed format so others can view and print
the file but not change it
Identify yourself as the author of a document (by using digital signatures)
Protect yourself and others from macro viruses
It’s likely that you’ll use a number of these features together to provide the best measure
of protection for your Word documents. The next section gives you a quick overview of the
security features in Word 2010.
Protection Features in Word 2010
Word is designed to meet the reality that our workplace has changed—the global, mobile,
and wireless workforce now has security concerns that standalone, desktop PC users did not
have in the past. Many of today’s users need to be able to access documents in a variety of
versions and share them with people all over the world, at a moment’s notice. Securing
sensitive documents has become more important than ever.
The big change in security in Word 2010—in fact, in all Office 2010 programs—is the
addition of Protected View, a new security measure that puts each file you open in a kind of
protected “sandbox” until the file is deemed to be a safe for you to use. Developers noticed
that there was vulnerability in Word files as they were going through the file open
procedure, so they created a way to validate them while they were being opened to lessen the
risk that the file would be bringing a virus with it.
When you click Protect Document on the Info tab (click the File tab to display Backstage
view), you’ll find the following features that are designed to safeguard your documents:.
Mark As Final Mark As Final saves the document in its final form, as read-only, so
others receiving the file will only be able to view and print the file.
Encrypt With Password With this feature, you can set a password and encrypt
your document before sending it to others.
Restrict Editing This displays the Restrict Formatting And Editing task pane so that
you can specify the types of changes you will allow—and by whom.
Restrict Permission By People Displays a list from which you can choose one
of three permission settings: Unrestricted Access, Restricted Access, or Manage
Add A Digital Signature Here, you can authenticate your document for others by
adding a digital signature directly in the document file.
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