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Working with Protected View
Additionally with Word 2010, you can perform a series of checks in the document to
confirm that you are prepared to share it with others. Here are the tools you’ll find in the Check
For Issues list in the Prepare For Sharing area on the Info tab in Backstage view:
Inspect Document Launches the Document Inspector, in which you can have Word
review your document and point out any sensitive or personal information you might
not want to share.
Check Accessibility Runs a check to ensure that people who are differently abled
will be able to read or otherwise use the content in your document.
Check Compatibility Checks for features that are not supported in an earlier
version of Word. This helps you know that all the content you created will be able to be
viewed by others who might not yet have Word 2010.
In addition to the features in the Protect Document list and the evaluation tools you can
use before you share the file, Word offers these security features:
The Word 2010 Trust Center You’ll find the Word 2010 Trust Center on the File
tab by choosing Options and clicking Trust Center. The Trust Center is where you can
disable macros in your Word documents, choose whether Microsoft ActiveX controls
are enabled in documents you receive, and create a list of Trusted Publishers, among
other tasks.
PDF and XPS formats Support for saving your documents in PDF and XPS is built
right into Word 2010. You can use the Save As command to save the file in PDF or
XPS format, or you can choose Create PDF/XPS Document in the Save & Send tab.
PDF and XPS formats give you the means to save your Word documents in a
platform-independent format that others can view but not change.
Working with Protected View
The developers of Office 2010 found that one area vulnerable to attack was the process
of opening a file from a previous version of Office. For this reason, they developed a new
security approach that operates behind the scenes when you open a new document. The
file must pass a series of checks—called a file validation process—before it is considered a
safe and allowed to open normally. If the software finds anything suspicious, the document
is displayed in Protected View (see Figure 20-1).
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