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Choosing What’s Displayed in Protected View
Figure 20-1 A document that could be a security risk is lagged in Protected View.
Word 2010 lets you know that a file is in Protected View by displaying a message bar across
the top of the work area. If you know the sender of the file or are certain the file is safe, you
can click Enable Editing to remove the protection and edit the file normally. You can change
which files Word 2010 lags for protection by changing the settings in the Trust Center.
Choosing What’s Displayed in Protected View
The Protected View message bar appears whenever you try to open a file that has either
been blocked or has been determined to be in a file format lagged for blocking. If you
want to see the contents of the file or know the person or company who sent it, you can
open the file in Protected View. Protected View is a safe mode in which you can view the
file without it potentially impacting your other files. When you know the file is okay, you
can click the Enable Editing button to open the file normally.
With Word 2010, you can choose when Protected View is used for your files. By default, all
the settings are selected for Protected View, which means that Word displays the Protected
View message bar whenever a file fails validation, when it comes from the Internet, when
you’re downloading it from a potentially unsafe location, or when you’re opening an
Outlook e-mail attachment. Also by default, Word turns on Data Execution Prevention mode,
which ensures that any process that tries to execute when you open the document will be
You can change these settings on the Protected View tab in the Trust Center. Here are
the steps:
1. Click the File tab to display Backstage view then click Options.
2. Click Trust Center, and then click Trust Center Settings.
3. Select Protected View.
4. Clear the check mark of any setting you do not want to keep (see Figure 20-2), then
click OK twice to return to the document.
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