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Marking a File As Final
Figure 20-3 You can select which file formats you want Word to validate.
Table 20-1 File Block Behaviors
Do Not Open Selected File Types
The selected files are blocked and will not be opened
Open Selected File Types In
Protected View
Opens the selected file in a safe mode that is
protected from other files and processes
Open Selected File Types In
Protected View And Allow Editing
Opens the selected file type in safe mode but allows
the user to edit as normal
Marking a File As Final
Have you ever finished a document and then sent it out to team members or managers,
only to receive back a marked up copy with someone’s last-minute changes? To avoid this,
Word includes the Mark As Final feature with which you can mark a file as final.
When you are finished with a document, double-check it to be sure it’s what you want.
Then on the File tab, select the Info tab, click Protect Document, and then click Mark As
Final. A message box informs you that the document will be marked as final and then
saved. Click OK to continue.
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