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Marking a File As Final
After the file is saved, many of the commands on the Ribbon are not available because you
can no longer modify the file in any way. A prompt in the message bar lets users know that
the file has been marked as final but gives them the option to edit anyway. In addition,
a Marked As Final symbol appears in the document’s status bar to let you know that the
document has been finalized, as shown in Figure 20-4.
Figure 20-4 The message bar and the indicator in the status bar show the document has been
marked as final.
When you use Mark As Final without additional security functionality, such as a digital
signature, users can disable the Mark As Final command, edit the document, and turn
on Mark As Final again. The only indication that changes have been made is the Save
Date. To ensure that the document is secure, be sure to use an additional protection
feature such digital signatures.
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