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Applying Editing Restrictions
In most cases, you’ll lose your password protection if you save your document in a
format other than Word’s native document format. For example, if you save a Word
document as a Web page or a PDF file, Word will let you know that password protection will
be lost if you continue with the save operation.
Applying Editing Restrictions
You can restrict the available editing and formatting capabilities in a Word document.
When you restrict editing, users are able to open the document, but they can’t change text
beyond how you specify. You can choose to limit formatting changes or editing changes or
both. Most of the character formatting tools on the Ribbon, along with other text
formatting tools (such as formatting keyboard commands), are inaccessible when a document has
formatting restrictions applied. You can control the styles that appear in the Styles gallery
and block users’ ability to choose different Quick Style sets in the document.
Be aware that even if the document is protected with a password, the Protect
Document functionality is intended to be used in a collaborative environment and offers
only a limited means of security. For a higher level of security, use encryption, or save
the document as a PDF or XPS file.
To restrict formatting and editing, on the File tab, select the Info tab then click Protect
Document. Click Restrict Editing. The Restrict Formatting And Editing pane, shown in
Figure 20-8, appears along the right side of the Word window.
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