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Applying Editing Restrictions
In the Formatting area of the Formatting Restrictions dialog box, choose whether you
want to allow AutoFormatting to be applied in spite of formatting restrictions.
You can also elect to make it impossible for users to change the theme or color
scheme, or choose a different Quick Style set. Select the check box of any item you
want to apply then click OK.
If the document contains styles that you didn’t select in Step 3, a message box
appears, stating that the document contains formatting or styles that aren’t allowed
and asking whether you would like to remove them.
Click No to apply the formatting settings without changing the document’s current
formatting, or click Yes to remove the styles from the document. Keep in mind that
if you click None in Step 3 and then click Yes in the message box in this step, your
document will be formatted in Normal style throughout. In most cases, you’ll
probably want to retain the current formatting in the document, so you should click No
in the message box.
In the Restrict Formatting And Editing pane, select the Allow Only This Type Of
Editing In The Document check box, and choose one of the following from the list:
No Changes (Read only) Limits all editing changes in the document
Tracked Changes Users can make changes but turns on revision marks
Comments Limits users to adding comments in the text
Filling In Forms Allows users to only add form information
In the Exceptions area, you can indicate who (if anyone) you want to be able to be
exceptions to the rules you have just added.
The list of names is extracted from your contacts list. Click More Users to add users
to the list. You can click the arrow at the end of the Everyone selection to specify
regions of the document where the exceptions will be in effect.
7. Click Yes then click Start Enforcing Protection. The Start Enforcing Protection dialog
box opens.
In the Start Enforcing Protection dialog box, enter a password in the Enter New
Password (Optional) box and then re-enter the password in the Re-enter Password
To Confirm box.
If you don’t want to use password protection, leave the password boxes empty. Click
OK to complete the procedure.
After formatting restrictions are enforced, users won’t be able to apply character formats or
use styles that aren’t included on the approved list of styles.
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