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Preparing PDF and XPS Files
The Document Inspector dialog box appears, as you see in Figure 20-9. All items are
selected. This means that all the listed checks will be performed automatically. If you
want to skip any of the items in the list, clear the item’s check box.
Figure 20-9 The Document Inspector searches the document for sensitive, personal, or
hidden information and prompts you to remove it.
3. Click Inspect to evaluate the document. The results show you what the Document
Inspector found. If hidden items were discovered, the Inspector alerts you and
provides a Remove All button for each inspection type so that you can delete the
unwanted information.
4. Click Remove All to clear the unwanted items.
5. Click Reinspect to run the Document Inspector again.
6. When the inspection reveals no more hidden information, click the Close button to
complete the process and return to your document.
Preparing PDF and XPS Files
For years, Word users have been asking for PDF support for their Word documents. Now at
last in Word 2010, the feature is built into the functioning of the program. You can use two
different methods to save your file as a PDF or XPS file: use the Save & Send tab in
Backstage view, or use the Save As dialog box.
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