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Understanding PDF and XPS
Understanding PDF and XPS
PDF (Portable Document Format) files are saved in a fixed layout, meaning that although
readers can view, print, and share files, they cannot modify the format or content. Users
must have a special PDF reader to read PDF files. The most popular PDF reader is Acrobat
Reader, a free downloadable utility from Adobe Systems ( ). Because PDF
preserves the format of the final document, this format is often used for submitting final
files to commercial printers, to post documents online, and to save and share work that
includes highly detailed and colorful graphics.
XPS is a fixed-layout format that has been developed by Microsoft. The format is actually
a page-definition format that creates the page electronically in a way that can be read by
people, programs, and PCs. Similar to PDF, XPS file format allows users to view, print, and
share files but limits others from making changes in the file itself.
To learn more about the XPS format, visit the XPS Web site at .
Saving Your Document As PDF and XPS
The actual process for saving your file in PDF or XPS format is super simple. Just open the
document you want to use and click File to display Backstage view. Click the Save & Send
tab and then click Create PDF/XPS Document. Click Create a PDF/XPS.
The Publish As PDF or XPS dialog box appears, in which you can navigate to the folder
where you want to store the file. Click in the File Name box and type a name for the file,
then click Save As Type to choose either PDF or XPS Document.
If you want to view the file after saving it, select the Open File After Publishing check box.
In the Optimize For area, choose whether you want to save the file in Standard or Minimum
size. Click the Options button to display choices about the page ranges included in the file
and the type of information saved with the file (see Figure 20-10).
After you click OK, the file is saved in the format you specified. If you selected the
Open After Publishing check box and you have a PDF or XPS reader installed on your
computer, the file will open automatically so that you can see your file the way others
will view it.
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