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Signing Your Documents with Digital Signatures and Stamps
Figure 20-10 Choose Options to enter your preferences for the range of pages and information
to be included in the PDF or XPS file.
Signing Your Documents with Digital Signatures and Stamps
Word lets you digitally sign your documents so that others know the file is authentic—and
you can add stamp signature lines as well. Word supports digital certificates that are
provided by third-party vendors (the program has a built-in link to Office Marketplace where
you can evaluate different services easily) as well as digital certificates that you create
yourself. There are a couple of items to bear in mind when deciding on what type of signature
you want to use:
When a document is prepared using a third-party digital signature service, the
document is authenticated and people who receive your files can be certain they have
been authenticated.
When you create a digital certificate yourself, the item is not authenticated, but it
does provide a useful service. A document you digitally sign indicates to the user that
they are receiving a document that has not been modified since you created it. (A
digital signature becomes invalid if the document is revised after it is signed.)
Microsoft Excel 2010, Word 2010, and PowerPoint 2010 all support digital signatures.
Getting a Digital ID
To get your own digital ID, on the File tab, click Protect Document and then click Add
A Digital Signature. If you don’t have a signature of your own, a message box appears
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