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The Tabs Area
in this portion of the Backstage tab column by clicking the Recent tab and changing the
Quickly Access This Number of Recent Documents entry at the bottom of the Recent
files list.
The Tabs Area
The Backstage tabs column offers a set of six tabs, organized according to the different
ways you will want to work with your files. Here’s a quick definition of what you’ll do with
each tab:
Info Use the options on the Info tab to display document properties; set user
permissions for your document; inspect the document before sharing it and run
accessibility and compatibility tests; and recover or delete draft versions of documents
you’ve worked on previously.
Recent When you click Recent a listing of documents you’ve already worked on
appears in the center column of the view. You can scroll through the list, click a file to
open it, or “pin” a file to the list (this causes it to remain at the top of the list and not
scroll out of view) so that you can access is easily later. Further, at the bottom of the
Recent file list, you can click the Recover Unsaved Documents link to open a dialog
box that gives you access to versions of files you have closed without saving. You can
also set the number of recent documents you want to be displayed on the tab area
beneath the Close tool.
New The New tab displays your options for creating a new document in Word.
You can choose to start with a blank file, a blog post, an existing or sample template,
or create a new file based on an existing one. Additionally, you can browse through
literally dozens of Office Online templates. After you find the document you want to
create, click it and a thumbnail image of the template appears in the preview pane on
the left. Click Create to create the document.
Print The Print tab is where you can preview and set print options for your file.
The preview shows you in real time the changes you make in the print selections. For
example, if you change the orientation of the page from portrait to landscape, Print
Preview shows the change. You can set the options you want for the print job and
then click Print to complete the operation.
Print is one of the great—and greatly simplified—features now available in
Backstage view. The whole print process has been simplified so that you can preview,
set options, and print your document all in a single screen. To find out more
about printing your documents in Word, see Chapter 14, “Printing Documents
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