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Adding a Stamp
Adding a Stamp
The stamp signature feature in Word 2010 enables you to use an image, or if you have an
inking feature, such as on a Tablet PC—a hand-written signature, as a stamp on your Word
documents. (Note that this feature is also available for Excel workbooks.)
You will need a digital ID to add a stamp signature to your documents. The process involves
two parts: first you create the stamp signature line in the document, and then you add the
image you want to use for the stamp and digitally sign it. (Note that depending on how
you will be using the document, you might be creating it and sending it to another person,
who then signs the signature line and returns it to you.)
To add the stamp signature line to the document, on the Insert tab, click the Signature
Line arrow in the Text group. Select Stamp Signature Line. The Signature Setup dialog box
appears, in which you can enter the signer’s information and add any instructions you want
the signer to see before signing. Click OK to save your changes.
To sign the stamp signature line, double-click it. The Sign dialog box appears. Click Select
Image to display a dialog box, in which you can select the image you want to use as your
digital signature. Navigate to the file and click Select, then simply click Sign and the stamp
signature is added to the document.
Viewing Signatures
When a document has been digitally signed, the View Signatures option automatically
displays when you open the document. When you click View Signatures in the message bar
at the top of the Word window, the Signatures pane appears along the right side of the
signed document by default. A small certificate indicator in the status bar also shows you
that the document has signatures, as shown in the following illustration:
Click the File tab to display Backstage view to find out more about the signatures in your
document (see Figure 20-13). Click View Signatures to display the signature in the
Signatures task pane, along the right side of your document. You can display more information
about the signature by clicking the arrow and clicking your choice in the list that appears.
After you add the signature to the file, the Info tab lets you know you are working with a
signed document and gives you the option of viewing the signatures (see Figure 20-14).
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