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Working with the Trust Center
Checking for the Red X
W hen you are checking the certificates associated with files you receive, be on the
lookout for the red X. A digital certificate displayed with a red X might mean the
certificate is unauthenticated or cannot be verified. A red X can also indicate the
following security issues associated with a certificate:
Someone has tampered with the signed file.
The certificate was not issued by a trusted certification authority.
The certificate was issued without verification (such as a free certificate authority
trial download).
The certificate was invalid when it was used to sign the file or macros.
When you see a certificate with a red X, proceed with caution. This is a clear sign that
something about the certificate is amiss.
Working with the Trust Center
Each of the Microsoft Office 2010 programs includes the Trust Center, a special area within
the program options where you to control settings related to security and privacy. Some
Trust Center settings you enter in one application low through to other applications as well.
To display the Word Trust Center, follow these steps.
1. On the File tab, click Options.
2. Click Trust Center, which is located in the navigation pane on the left side of the
dialog box, then click the Trust Center Settings button.
The Trust Center opens, as you see in Figure 20-15.
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