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Working with the Trust Center
Figure 20-15 Use the Trust Center to set security and privacy options while you work with
The Trust Center includes 10 different categories, each tailored to a specific area of security
or privacy. Here’s a quick run-down of what you’ll find in the various groups.
Trusted Publishers Displays a list of the digital certificates you’ve accepted from
other individuals or companies. When you open a document that includes a macro,
the Message Bar appears alerting you to that fact. If the document is from a trusted
source, and if a digital signature has been added, you can choose to add that
publisher to your Trusted Publishers list.
Trusted Locations Shows the locations that you have accepted as safe sources for
files you open. You can add new locations, change locations, or remove locations by
working with the options on the Trusted Locations screen. Note that the Workgroup
Templates folder (found in Word Options/Advanced and File Locations at the bottom)
is also considered a trusted location and it does not automatically appear in this list.
Trusted Documents Specifies documents or network folders that you trust so those
files will not cause Protected View to display.
Add-ins Determines whether you will require the authentication of add-ins (mean-
ing they must be signed by someone in your Trusted Publisher’s list before you
approve their installation) or whether you choose to disable all add-ins.
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