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Viewing and Removing Trusted Sources
ActiveX Settings Gives you the choice of what to do with ActiveX controls that do
not come from a trusted source. Your options range from totally disallowing ActiveX
controls to running them after being prompted to openly running all ActiveX controls
(which is not recommended for security reasons).
Macro Settings Offers selections for working with macros that are not
authenticated or from a trusted location. You can disallow them, disable macros with
notification, allow only macros with digital signatures, or enable all macros unconditionally
(again, not recommended).
Protected View Presents you with the option of changing the items that trigger
Word to display Protected View.
Message Bar Enables you to choose whether you want the message bar to display
information when content has been blocked.
File Block Settings Lets you choose which files are blocked or displayed in
Protected View when you first open them.
Privacy Options Includes several different groups of settings that help you control
how much information is shared about your computer use and individual documents.
Additionally, you can set your preferences for the Research and Translate tools in
Simply choose the settings that best it the way you want your version of Word to
operate and then click OK to save your settings. The settings you select in the Trust Center are
global settings, meaning they are in effect for the entire application. You can at any time
return to the Trust Center to check or remove Trusted Publishers, change Trusted Locations,
or modify any of the settings you’ve previously entered.
Viewing and Removing Trusted Sources
When you open a file that includes digitally signed macros (and the signer isn’t included on
your Trusted Publishers list, as described in this section), you’ll be asked whether you want
to trust all macros from the signer. If you click Yes, the signer will be added to your list of
trusted publishers. Before you add a signer, you should carefully review the publisher’s
certificate (watch for the red X). You should especially review the certificate’s Issued To, Issued
By, and Valid From fields. After you add a signer to your Trusted Publishers list, in the future,
Word will automatically enable macros signed by the publisher. As you add new trusted
sources, they’ll be added to the Trusted Publishers list.
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