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Setting Permission Levels
If you later decide that you’d like to remove a signer from your Trusted Publishers list, you
can do so at any time, as follows:
1. On the File tab, click Options, then click Trust Center and choose Trust Center
2. Click Trusted Publishers in the navigation bar in the Trust Center window.
3. Select the publisher you want to remove. Click Remove, and then click OK.
Microsoft digitally signs all add-ins and templates (if they contain macros) that you
download from Office Online. After you add Microsoft to your list of trusted publishers for one of
these installed files, all subsequent interactions with these files will not generate messages.
Setting Permission Levels
Depending on the suite of Office 2010 you are using, you might also be able to control
a variety of permission levels so that those viewing and working with your document are
granted only the access that you specify. This feature is known as Information Rights
Management (IRM) functionality; it is how you customize the permissions users are given so that
they can access and modify your file.
With IRM functionality, you can restrict permission to Word documents and document
content so that only those who you want to have access to your files can open them; you can
also control whether documents can be forwarded, printed, or accessed after a specified
number of days; and, you can specify the following three access levels for Word documents:
Read Allows specified users to read a document but not edit, print, or copy the
Change Allows specified users to read, edit, and save changes to a document but
not print the document.
Full Control Gives specified users full authoring permissions and the freedom to do
anything with a document. (Document authors always have full control.)
To set access levels for specified users, use the Permission dialog box, as shown in Figure
20-16. To open the Permission dialog box, on the File tab, point to Protect Document on
the Info tab, point to Restrict Permission By People, and click Restricted Access. After the
Permission dialog box appears, select the Restrict Permission To This Document check box
to make the Read and Change boxes available.
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