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The Groups Area
Save & Send The Save & Send tab lists the various options you have for sharing
your document. Depending on whether you are part of a team or use either
SharePoint Workspace or Windows Live SkyDrive for your files, you might have the
following options or others in the Save & Send area: Send Using E-mail, Save To Web,
Save To SharePoint, Publish As Blog Post. When you choose any of these options,
additional selections—for example, the location of the SharePoint site to which you
want to save the file—become available in the pane on the right. In the File Types
area on the tab, you can select the type of the file you’re saving or create a PDF/XPS
help The Help tab in Word 2010 provides you with information about your
software registration and your product ID and version. It also provides access to tutorials,
searchable help, and links to program updates.
The final choice in the tabs column isn’t a tab per se —it’s the Options command. Clicking
Options in Backstage view displays the Word Options dialog box, where you can control a
wide range of settings related to various aspects of the program.
The sections that follow offer more detail about the different tasks you’ll accomplish in
Backstage view. Because the Info tab provides access to file information you won’t find
anywhere else in Word 2010, many of the techniques described in this chapter concern this tab
and the actions you carry out in it. You will also find information about each of the tabs and
their basic functions and get pointers to specific chapters where techniques are described
in greater detail. Along the way, you’ll discover a few tips and techniques for tailoring the
program to handle your documents the way you want them to be handled.
The Groups Area
The middle column of Backstage view displays groups of tools related to the tab you’ve
selected. Although each of the tabs displays a very different set of tools—some of which
require additional choices—the idea is always the same: the groups area allows you to take
action on a specific task or file. In the groups area, you choose the command you want
to use or the file you want to work with. The groups area for the Print tab is displayed in
Figure 2-2. As you can see, you choose the print options for the current file in the groups
area of Backstage view.
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