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Ensuring Document Compatibility
On the File tab, point to Check For Issues on the Info tab. Click Check Accessibility. The
Accessibility Checker task pane appears along the right side of your Word window,
showing the results of the test (see Figure 20-18). In the top half of the pane, you can view the
Inspection Results, which lists all the issues Word found in your document. In the lower
portion of the pane, you see Additional Information, which tells you why it is important to ix
the selected issue and provides suggestions for the ways in which you can do so.
Work one by one through the various items and when you’ve completed the changes, save
the document and run the Accessibility Checker once more to ensure that your file is ready
to share.
Figure 20-18 The Accessibility Checker lets you know about potential problems in your
document that might hinder others who need to access it.
Ensuring Document Compatibility
When your work requires that you share your Word 2010 document with others who are
using previous versions of Word, you might not think anything about the different file
formats until one of your peers lets you know that your Word 2010 document can’t be
opened in Word 2003.
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