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There are two workarounds for this. First, your peer can download the Microsoft Office
Compatibility Pack from Microsoft at and run the utility
so that she can open Word 2010 files. Second, you can run the Compatibility Checker to
see which features, if any, might be unavailable if you save your file in an earlier version
of Word.
To run the Compatibility Checker, on the File tab, click Check For Issues on the Info tab.
Click Check Compatibility. The Microsoft Word Compatibility Checker dialog box appears,
listing any features that might be unavailable and giving you a description of what the
difference means (see Figure 20-19). You can click the arrow to choose the versions of Word
you want to check against. Click OK when you’re done.
Figure 20-19 The Microsoft Word Compatibility Checker lets you to see which features will be
unavailable to peers using a previous version of Word.
What’s Next?
This chapter has introduced you to the far-reaching security and privacy features in Word
2010. Now that you know how to manage the access to your files, you can prepare to share,
edit, review, and compare collaborative documents, which just happens to be what the next
chapter is all about.
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