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Word 2010 New Sharing Options
Throughout this chapter, you learn more about using these features. The world is getting
smaller by the minute! The techniques in this chapter show you how to increase your
effectiveness and share-ability in Word 2010.
Word 2010 New Sharing Options
The developers of Word 2010 understood and took seriously the fact that the world is
rapidly becoming smaller at the same time that our workplace is expanding. We often
work collaboratively with colleagues who could be just about anywhere—down the hall, in
another state, or living and working on another continent. What’s more, the colleague may
be sitting at his desk, working on a remote laptop, or simply checking documents as he
carries his cell phone around with him during the day.
How does Word 2010 accommodate all these possible work styles? Two key tools help
you organize, share, and work on your documents in a way that supports all kinds of
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 is part of the Microsoft Office Professional Plus
2010 suite; it enables enterprise workers who have access to Microsoft SharePoint 2010
to create a shared workspace, in which they can organize, upload, download, and
check in or check out files the team will use. SharePoint Workspace also includes the
ability to create Groove workspaces, in which you can hold meetings, chat in real
time, share screens, assign tasks, and more (see Figure 21-3).
Figure 21-3 You can create a shared workspace with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace
2010, where you can share and organize files easily.
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