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Create and Save a New Document
Create and Save a New Document
You can create a new document in SharePoint Workspace 2010 and post it to the server as
needed. Begin in SharePoint Workspace 2010, and open the workspace you want to use.
In the Documents list, click the folder in which you want to store the new file. Then, on the
Home tab, click New Document. Word opens a new document and displays file properties
at the top of the file. You can click in the fields to type the document name as well as the
start date and end date.
When you are ready to save the file to the server, click the Save icon in the Quick Access
Toolbar. The Save As dialog box opens, showing the server location area in the Look In
field at the top of the dialog box (see Figure 21-10). Enter additional file information (such
as adding tags to aid in searching) and click Save. After the file is saved to the server, the
server location appears in the top-right of the document (see Figure 21-11).
Figure 21-10 You can choose the workspace location you want to use in the Save As dialog box.
Figure 21-11 The location of the document appears in the top right corner.
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