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Sharing a File
Sharing a File
In order to share the files you post in Windows Live SkyDrive with others, you need to give
permissions to the individuals with whom you want to work so they can access the account
and the files. To set the necessary permissions and share the file, display your Windows Live
SkyDrive account and hover the mouse over the file you want to share. Links will appear at
the mouse position. Click Share then choose Edit Permissions (see Figure 21-13).
Figure 21-13 Edit permissions to give others access to your files.
In the Permissions window, click the Documents link, and in the Information area, click
People I Selected. Next, click Edit Permissions and, in the Add Specific People line, type the
e-mail addresses of those with whom you want to share the files in your My Documents
folder. Windows Live adds each person to the list at the bottom of the window.
Set the permissions level for each person by clicking the permissions arrow for each contact
and choosing one of the following options:
Can View Files This option limits the recipient to read-only permissions; they won’t
be able to change the content of the file.
Can Add, Edit Details, And Delete Files This option assigns the necessary
permission to edit, reformat, and even delete the files in the folder.
After you set permissions, click Save. In the Send A Notification window, you can add a
message explaining what the link is for, and then click Send to send the message.
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