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Sharing Word Documents via E-Mail
Store Workgroup Templates in a Web Folder
You can’t indicate an Internet location for your workgroup templates on the File
Locations tab in the Options dialog box—the workgroup templates folder must be stored
in a location on your computer or network. If you want to store templates in a Web
folder, you need to create a network locations link. You can use the template by
clicking New in Backstage view, choosing New From Existing, and choosing the network
location in the New From Existing Document dialog box.
Sharing Word Documents via E-Mail
Many people e-mail documents back and forth, and for those projects that are linear in
nature—for example, I finish a chapter and send it on to my editor—e-mail may be good
enough. (When you need to collaborate on a piece, however, consider using file sharing in
Windows Live SkyDrive or your SharePoint Workspace.)
When you e-mail a document to another person, your colleague can make a few changes,
and send it back if necessary (or simply send you an e-mail message, saying “Perfect!”).
Securely Sending Documents via E-Mail
I f others won’t need to make changes in the document, and you want to send it in the
most secure form possible, consider saving the file as a PDF or XPS file before you
send it. PDF and XPS formats save your document as a paginated, noneditable file that
you can share with others for review.
To save the file in PDF/XPS format, on the File tab, click Save & Send. Click Create PDF/
XPS Document at the bottom of the center column, and then click the Create PDF/XPS
button. In the Publisher As PDF Or XPS dialog box, choose the folder where you want
to store the file and select the File Type you want to create, then click Publish.
For more about working with PDF and XPS formats, see Chapter 20.
When you want to send your Word document directly to others on your team, follow these
1. Start with your Word document open on the screen.
2. On the File tab, click Save & Send.
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