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Working with Document Properties in the Info Tab
Figure 2-3 The right column in Backstage view gives you additional information about the
current document and the choices you make in the groups area of the view.
Working with Document Properties in the Info Tab
Have you noticed that in earlier versions of Word, there’s no easy way to display your
document’s properties without taking up a large portion of the document window? You might
want to know, for example, when the file was last modified, who has been working on the
document, or whether the file has been printed recently. You can find out all this—and
more—by viewing the properties on the Info tab.
By default, Word 2010 provides the following document properties:
Size Displays the file size of the current document
Pages Shows the number of pages
Words Gives you a total word count of the entire document
Total Editing Time Lists the number of minutes the file has been open since it was
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