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Setting E-Mail Priority
3. Click Send As Attachment.
If you have set up an e-mail client (as opposed to using only Web-based e-mail), a
new e-mail message window appears; your current document shows up as an
attachment (see Figure 21-17).
Figure 21-17 You can send your document via e-mail without leaving Word.
You will notice that the new message window Word opens is actually the Outlook 2010 new
message window. You can specify the recipient information and send the message as usual.
The rest of this section explores some of the e-mail features you might want to add when
you are sharing your Word documents with your colleagues.
Setting E-Mail Priority
Depending on the nature of the document you’re sharing with others, you might want to
mark e-mail messages as urgent or not-at-all urgent (also known as high-priority and
lowpriority messages) . Marking your messages lets recipients know at a glance whether they
should give special attention to a message.
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