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Using Word to Send Faxes
When the message arrives in the recipient’s Inbox (in Outlook), a prompt instructs the user
to cast their vote in the Respond group on the Ribbon. When the recipient clicks the Vote
button, the voting options appear (see Figure 21-20).
Figure 21-20 Recipients can easily vote when they receive the message in Outlook.
Using Word to Send Faxes
Faxing is yet another fast, convenient way to get information from your office or home
computer to other people around the country or around the world. With Word 2010, you
can use an online service to send your document via fax.
Creating and Sending a Fax
When you want to send your document as an Internet fax, click the File tab to display
Backstage view then choose Save & Send. Click Send As Internet Fax, which is located at
the bottom of the options in the right panel. The document is prepared as a fax, as you see
in Figure 21-21. You can then add the recipient information, change the style of the fax by
clicking the various styles in the Fax Service task pane. You can also click Preview to see how
your fax will appear, and then, when you’re ready, click Send to send the fax.
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