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Choosing a Fax Service
I Can’t Use the Internet Fax Service to Send a Fax
When you use an Internet fax service to send a fax, you basically convert your
document into a TIFF file and attach it to an e-mail message, which is then sent to the
recipient’s fax machine or fax modem. The body of the e-mail message contains the cover
sheet, and the attached TIFF file is the fax document. By default, to use an Internet
fax service, you must have both Outlook and Word installed and configured on your
system. If your fax isn’t being sent, or if you’re not sure whether your fax was sent, you
can perform the following checks:
Verify that Outlook sent your fax. To do this, open Outlook and then look in the
Sent Items folder. Your fax will appear as an e-mail message with an attachment.
If your fax message is waiting in the Outbox folder, click Send/Receive to send
the fax.
Check the Outlook Inbox to see whether you received a message from your
Internet fax service provider that states whether your fax transmission succeeded
or failed. Generally, Internet fax services send confirmation messages to your
Outlook inbox whenever you attempt to send a fax.
Ensure that the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer print driver is installed
in your Printers And Faxes folder. If it is missing, you can install it using Microsoft
Office Setup. To do so, click the Start button, then click Control Panel, Programs,
Programs And Features, Microsoft Office 2010, and then click the Change
button. Select Add Or Remove Features, click Continue, expand Office Tools, expand
Microsoft Office Document Imaging, click Microsoft Office Document Image
Writer, click Run From My Computer, click Update, and then click OK after the
update completes.
Ensure that your Internet fax service is properly activated. If you’re unsure, visit
your Internet fax service provider’s online help pages or contact their support
group. Usually, after you sign up with an Internet fax service provider, you’ll
receive a welcome e-mail message verifying your status, user information, and
login parameters.
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