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Working with Document Properties in the Info Tab
Title Displays the title you’ve given the document
Tags Enables you to add tags to identify the document content and topic
Comments Lets you add a note that stays with the file so that others viewing or
editing the file can see it
You can also find out when the document was last modified, when it was created, and
when it was last printed. This information is for viewing only; there’s nothing you can do to
change the date information displayed (except, of course, modify or print the document).
Adding and Using Document Tags and Comments
Tagging provides an important and easy way to identify the content in such a way that you
can find it easily again later. Suppose, for example, that you are creating copy for a new
catalog your department is producing. If you create a document with blurbs for the catalog
copy, you could add the tag catalog —or, if you want to be more specific, two tags, such as
catalog, smartphone —so that others compiling the content later can search and find your
document for inclusion in the larger catalog file.
If you work as part of a team that is working together to produce content for a
specific project, meet and discuss the tags you are going to use before you start using
them. Because tagging provides you with a system for locating and grouping files, you
want to be sure you’re all using the same tags; otherwise, the benefit of tagging is lost
because the files won’t be found together in a search.
Likewise, you can add comments to your document to make an overall comment that is not
visible to people who are viewing your document. You can add a note to your editor about
a section you are working on, but when others view the file in Final view, the comment
won’t be visible.
If you are working with others who use earlier versions of Word (Windows or Mac
versions), be sure to let them know you have added comments to the file. Recently I sent
an article to a publisher who was using Word for the Mac and a comment I inserted in
the file was published as a footnote! When using comments across multiple program
versions, be sure to be clear and let everyone know comments are included in the file—
just in case.
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