Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Familiarizing Yourself with Markup Tools
Protect Document options. With these options, you can restrict formatting and
editing capabilities for reviewers.
For more information about document protection, see Chapter 20, “Securing Your
Word Documents.”
Voice comment. Inserts Voice comments into a document, as described in the
section titled “Inserting Voice and Handwritten Comments,” on page 676.
Figure 22-1 The Review tab provides tools that you can use to work with comments,
tracked changes, proofing, document comparison, and document protection.
As you can see in Figure 22-1, the Review tab contains everything you need for checking,
translating, adding comments to, tracking changes in, comparing, and safeguarding your
document. You can also link directly to a OneNote notebook so that you can keep your
notes and resources organized as you work. Table 22-1 introduces you to some of the key
markup tools you’re likely to use on the Review tab.
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