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Familiarizing Yourself with Markup Tools
Table 22-1 Markup Features on the Review Tab
New Comment
Inserts a new comment balloon that you
can use to enter a text comment.
Delete Comment
Deletes a selected comment. You can delete
only shown comments (when selected
reviewer comments are shown or hidden),
or delete all comments at once.
Previous Comment
Jumps to the previous comment in the
current document relative to the insertion
Next Comment
Jumps to the next comment in the current
document relative to the insertion point.
Ink Comment
If you have a Tablet PC or drawing pad,
opens an ink comment window.
Selects the pen so you can write an ink
Ink Comment Eraser
Selects the eraser so you can erase ink
Track Changes
Controls whether the Track Changes feature
is turned off or on and provides access to
Tracking options and user name settings.
Display For Review
Controls how Word displays revisions and
comments in the current document;
available options are Final Show Markup, Final,
Original Showing Markup, and Original.
Show Markup
Provides options with which you can show
or hide Comments, Ink Annotations,
Insertions And Deletions, Formatting, and
Reviewing Pane
Shows or hides the Reviewing pane, which
displays the complete text of tracked
changes and comments. This can be opened
in vertical or horizontal position.
Accept And Move To
Options include: accepts a selected tracked
change in the document and moves to the
next; accepts a change without moving to
the next change; accepts all changes shown
(when selected reviewer revisions are shown
or hidden); or accepts all changes in the
document at once.
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