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Viewing Comments and Revisions
automatically assigns a different color to each person who inserts comments or tracked
changes. Keep in mind that this setting doesn’t always color-code each person’s changes
with the same color every time. Instead, the By Author option simply guarantees that every
person’s marks appear in a distinct color—the color for each person will most likely change
each time Word is restarted and the document is reopened.
If you’re viewing a document that’s color-coded for a number of reviewers, you can quickly
see which colors are currently assigned to which reviewers. To do so, click Show Markup
on the Review tab then point at Reviewers. You’ll see a list of reviewer names accompanied
by color-coded check boxes, as shown in Figure 22-4. In addition to seeing the reviewer
color assignments, you can use the Reviewer options (found on the Review tab under
Show Markup) to specify whose comments and tracked changes are displayed in the
current document by selecting and clearing the check boxes next to each reviewer’s name.
When you clear a check box while in Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, or Web Layout view,
that reviewer’s comment and tracked change balloons are hidden, and text inserted by the
reviewer appears as regular body text. To redisplay a reviewer’s comments and changes,
reselect the reviewer’s check box.
Figure 22-4 The Reviewers control is where you choose which reviewer’s comments you want
to see.
Viewing Comments and Revisions
Depending on how you like to work in Word, you might prefer to see revision marks and
questions in balloons, along the right or left sides of the document, or in the
Reviewing pane, which appears either along the left side or across the bottom of the document
If you choose to work in the Reviewing pane, you will be able to see it in Print Layout, Web
Layout, Outline, and Draft views. If you switch to Full Screen Reading view while you’re
reviewing comments, the changes will appear in balloons alongside your text. Figure 22-5
shows a screen in which the Reviewing pane is open on the left, in the vertical position.
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