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Viewing Comments and Revisions
Figure 22-5 You can display color-coded comments and revisions in balloons or in the
Reviewing pane.
Word gives you many visual cues to help you understand the changes included in
comments and revisions. For example, notice in Figure 22-5 that in both the balloons and the
Reviewing pane (in the shaded heading), the word Comment identifies the information as a
Deletions, formatting changes, and moves display in balloons and the Reviewing pane;
insertions display in the document and Reviewing pane but not in balloons.
You can color code balloons and headings in the Reviewing pane to associate them with
particular users, and each heading in the Reviewing pane displays the user name of the
person who inserted the comment or made the revision. In addition, comments include the
reviewer’s initials and are automatically numbered sequentially throughout the document.
When viewing comments in balloons, the content associated with comments is highlighted
in the document to help visually link commented areas to corresponding comments.
The highlighting of each instance of commented content matches the corresponding
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