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Inserting Voice and Handwritten Comments
You can edit comments you add just as you would edit standard text. If a comment is long
and its contents aren’t entirely displayed in a balloon, click the ellipsis in the balloon to
open the Reviewing pane. If the Reviewing pane isn’t visible, you can toggle it on by
clicking Reviewing Pane on the Review tab.
You can use the keyboard to close the Reviewing pane by pressing Alt+Shift+C.
Editing Text in the Reviewing Pane
You can select text and press Backspace to delete it in the Reviewing pane. You can also
press Ctrl+Backspace or Ctrl+Delete to delete entire words at one time.
You aren’t limited to inserting only text in the comments you add. If you want to paste
an image, insert a screenshot, or add a logo in a comment balloon, you can do that,
as well. Simply copy the item you want to include, click in the comment balloon, and
press Ctrl+V.
Inserting Voice and Handwritten Comments
If you use a Tablet PC or drawing tablet, you can include voice comments and handwritten
comments in your documents. Basically, voice comments are sound objects added inside
comment balloons. Before you can add a voice comment, you need to add the Insert Voice
button to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can find this button under Commands Not In The
Ribbon. To create ink comments, simply activate your ink features by moving the pen or
clicking the drawing surface. Then click the New Comment button on the Review tab and
write your comment in the comment bubble.
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