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Working with Document Properties in the Info Tab
The process for adding tags and comments to your document is a simple one.
1. Click the File tab to display Backstage view.
2. The Info tab is displayed by default. Click Add A Tag in the Tags area in the right
3. Type one or more tags, separating the tags with commas—for example, catalog,
smartphone, fall (see Figure 2-4).
4. Save and close your document.
Figure 2-4 Enter tags for your document by clicking the Add A Tag area and typing the
tags you want to use.
You can use the tag and comment information you use in your Word 2010 document when
you are viewing your files at the operating system level. For example, suppose that you are
looking for a specific Word document in which you discuss different smartphone models.
The tags you entered in your Word 2010 document will help you locate the catalog file.
(Note, however, that a file you’ve just created might not show up because the operating
system needs to have a chance to include the file in a file index before it is displayed in
search results.) Here’s how to do it:
1. Click the Windows 7 Start button.
2. Type smartphone in the search box.
3. Click the file you want from the list that appears (see Figure 2-5).
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