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Tracking Changes While You Edit
Figure 22-6 shows that the document is displayed in Final Showing Markup view, which
presents inserted and deleted text in line and formatting changes in balloons. Notice the
changed line in the left margin, which specifies that the text next to the line has been
modified in some way. For more information about configuring changed lines, see the section
titled “Customizing the Appearance of Changed Lines,” on page 680.
You’ll also see in Figure 22-6 that the status bar displays Track Changes: On . To view this
information in your status bar, right-click the status bar and click Track Changes on the
Customize Status Bar menu. By doing so, you can simply click Track Changes in the status bar
to control whether the feature is turned on or off.
Figure 22-6 Viewing tracked changes in your document.
You turn Track Changes on or off in a document by using one of the following methods:
On the Review tab, click the top half of the Track Changes button (if you click the
bottom half, you display options for Track Changes).
Press Ctrl+Shift+E.
If you added Track Changes to your status bar, click Track Changes there.
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