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Customizing the Appearance of Changed Lines
When Track Changes is turned on, Word monitors your changes regardless of whether your
view reflects the tracked changes as marked-up text. You can always tell whether changes
are being tracked by looking at the Track Changes button on the status bar because the
button indicates On or Off, depending on your current working mode.
You can control who can make tracked changes to your document by clicking Restrict
Editing in the Protect group and using the Restrict Formatting And Editing task pane.
For more information about document protection, see Chapter 20.
Customizing the Appearance of Changed Lines
Regardless of your selections for formatting inserted, deleted, moved, and reformatted
information, you can still use changed lines to indicate in a general way where changes
have occurred in a document. You can specify where changed lines are displayed on the
page (along the right, left, or outside borders) and the color in which they are displayed.
By default, changed lines are set to Auto, which is typically black. To configure how
changed lines are displayed, open the Track Changes Options dialog box and modify
the Changed Lines options in the Markup section.
After you configure the changed lines settings, all documents you open that contain
tracked changes will use the newly-configured settings. In addition, any currently opened
documents that contain tracked changes will be reformatted automatically to reflect the
new settings.
In Draft view, all changed lines appear on the left regardless of the setting you
configure in the Markup section in the Track Changes Options dialog box. The changed lines
color setting applies in all views.
Configuring Balloon and Reviewing Pane Options
When you work with comment and track change balloons, you can control a variety of
balloon options. Specifically, you can format balloon and Reviewing pane label text (which
is the text displayed on Reviewing pane bars, above each comment or tracked change);
specify when balloons are to be displayed; adjust balloon width and placement; and specify
whether lines should connect balloons to text.
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