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Adjusting Balloon Size and Location for Online Viewing
3. Click the Measure In arrow and select whether you want to measure balloons by
using your preferred unit of measure (such as inches or centimeters) or percentage of
the page.
For more information about the Measure In options, see the Inside Out tip titled
“Sizing Balloons—Measurement vs. Percentage” in the following sidebar.
In the Preferred Width box, enter a percentage or measurement (such as inches or
centimeters) for the width of the balloons.
In the Margin box, click the Left or Right option to specify on which side of the
document text you want balloons to appear.
6. Click OK to apply the balloon settings.
Unfortunately, you can’t preview your balloon settings from within the Track Changes
Options dialog box. Your best plan when configuring balloons is to try a few settings and
see which works best for you on your monitor.
Sizing Balloons—Measurement vs. Percentage
When you size balloons, Word configures them without compromising the document’s
content area. This is accomplished by expanding the view of your document and not
by reducing the document’s content area. To clarify, let’s look at the two Measure In
When you use the unit of measure, you provide a set size in which your balloons
appear in your document’s margin. For example, if you specify 2 inches or 5.08
centimeters, your page’s view expands so that balloons are displayed within an area that’s
2 inches (or 5.08 centimeters) wide, starting from the document’s margin.
Similarly, if you size balloons using the Percent option, the balloons are displayed as a
percentage of the page’s size without compromising the document’s content area. For
example, if you specify balloons to be 100 percent, the balloons are sized equal to 100
percent of the page, and the width of your view is expanded accordingly (doubled, in
this case).
You can easily see how balloons are displayed relative to the current document by
modifying the balloon size and then viewing your document in Print Preview mode.
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