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Printing Comments and Tracked Changes
Printing Comments and Tracked Changes
In some situations, you might want to print out the comments and tracked changes that
are displayed in your document. Perhaps you want to take the document to share at a
meeting, or review the changes while you’re on the train tonight going home. When you
print a document containing comments and tracked changes, you can configure print
settings in two areas: the Track Changes Options dialog box and in the Print window in
Backstage view.
On the Review tab, click the Track Changes arrow and select Change Tracking Options to
display the Track Changes Options dialog box. In the Use Balloons area, choose how you
want Word to adjust the paper orientation to accommodate added balloons. You can select
any of the following settings on the Paper Orientation in Printing list:
Auto Specifies that Word can determine the best orientation for your document
automatically, based on your margin settings and balloon width settings.
Preserve Prints the document with the orientation specified in the Page Setup
dialog box. This is the default setting.
Force Landscape Prints balloons and the document in landscape format to allow
the most room for the display of balloons.
After you choose how you want Word to handle page orientation when you print
documents with comment balloons, you’re ready to configure your Print settings.
Click the File tab to display Backstage view then click Print. In the Print window, you can
specify whether to print the document showing markup (the default setting when
comments and tracked changes are displayed) or you can opt to print only a list of the markup
changes made in a document. If you want to print a document’s changes, you typically
want to print the document showing changes instead of printing only a list of changes.
Depending on the length of the document and number of revisions, when you print a list of
changes, the list can become long and confusing.
To efficiently print tracked changes and comments in a document, follow these steps:
1. Display your document in Print Layout view.
2. Display the tracked changes in the manner in which you want them to be printed by
using the Show Markup list on the Review tab.
In addition, you can select specific reviewer’s tracked changes and comments by
clicking Reviewers (under Show Markup) and specifying which reviewers’ revisions
and comments should be displayed and subsequently printed.
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