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Reviewing Comments and Tracked Changes
The easiest way to print a document with only its comments is to print the
document with comment balloons in the margin and hide the other types of margin
balloons (insertions, deletions, and formatting changes).
3. Click the File tab to display Backstage view and then click Print, or press Ctrl+P to
display the Print tab.
4. Click the first item under Settings and ensure that Print Markup (under Document
Properties) is selected, and then click Print.
The document is printed with balloons in the margin and Word reduces the view of the
page to accommodate them. This doesn’t affect your document’s layout parameters—it’s
just a temporary modification for the purposes of printing balloons along with a document.
When you print a document with markup, the Markup Area Highlight shading (the
light gray shading behind balloons onscreen) is not printed.
Reviewing Comments and Tracked Changes
Assume that your document has made its rounds, and now it’s up to you to review the
tracked changes and comments. You can review all tracked changes and comments at the
same time, or you can suppress the view of comments or tracked changes and review them
individually. Regardless of which method you choose, the process is the same and can be
accomplished by using these steps:
1. On the Review tab, ensure that either Final Show Markup or Original Show Markup is
selected on the Display For Review list.
2. Click Show Markup on the Review tab and verify that all options are turned on, such
as Comments, Ink, Insertions And Deletions, and Formatting, to view all changes and
You also have the option of turning on only those options that you want to review.
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