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Navigating Your Comments
The Markup Area Highlight option in Show Markup controls whether the
Markup Area (where the balloons display) appears shaded. By default, Markup
Area Highlight is selected and the Markup Area appears light gray.
At this point, you can review the tracked changes and comments manually by scrolling
through your document or the Reviewing pane. If you prefer to use the navigation
commands on the Review tab to navigate between comments only, use the Previous and Next
commands in the Comments group. To navigate between both comments and tracked
changes, use the Previous and Next commands in the Changes group.
Navigating Your Comments
You can navigate between comments only by using the Select Browse Object feature (press
Ctrl+Alt+Home), which enables you to navigate between comments using Ctrl+Page Up
(Previous) and Ctrl+Page Down (Next) in any view.
Another way you can move easily from comment to comment involves using the
Navigation pane. Display the pane by selecting the Navigation Pane check box in the Show group
on the View tab. Click the Find Options and Additional Search Commands arrow at the
top of the box. Click Comments from the list and then choose the reviewer who added the
comments you want to find, as shown in the following image:
You can also use the Go To tab in the Find And Replace dialog box (press Ctrl+G). On
the Go To tab, you can select Comment on the Go To What list. Then choose to view all
reviewers’ comments or a selected reviewer’s comments by selecting Any Reviewer or a
specific name in the Enter Reviewer’s Name list. For more information about using the
Browse Object feature and the Go To tab, see Chapter 8, “Navigating Your Document.”
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