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Deleting Comments
Click in the comment you want to respond to and then click New Comment on the
Reviewing toolbar, or press Ctrl+Alt+M. A new balloon opens directly below the
balloon you’re responding to, or a blank entry opens in the Reviewing pane with the
format Comment[initials#R#] in the header. The first number is the number of the
comment, and the R# indicates that the comment is a response to the comment
number indicated. To add your response, simply add your comment.
To see when a comment was inserted and who created it, you can hover the mouse
pointer over the comment balloon. When you do this, a ScreenTip appears that displays
the comment’s creation date and time as well as the user name of the person who
created the comment. If you’re working in the Reviewing pane, each Reviewing pane bar
displays the user name and insertion date and time automatically.
Deleting Comments
Generally, comments serve a temporary purpose—reviewers insert comments, someone
addresses the comments, and then the comments are removed before the document’s final
publication (either online or in print). If you work with comments, you need to know how
to delete them so you won’t unintentionally include them in your final publication. As you
might expect, you can delete comments in several ways. You can delete a single comment,
delete comments from a specific reviewer (or reviewers), or delete all comments by using
the following techniques:
Delete a single comment. Right-click a comment balloon and then click Delete
Comment on the shortcut menu. Or select a comment balloon, and in the Comments
group on the Review tab, click Delete.
Delete comments from a specific reviewer. First, clear the check boxes for all
reviewers by clicking Show Markup on the Review tab, clicking Reviewers, and then
choosing All Reviewers. Next, display only the comments you want to delete by
clicking Show Markup, clicking Reviewers, and then selecting the check box next to the
reviewer’s name whose comments you want to delete. (You can repeat this process
to select additional reviewers as well.) To delete the displayed comments, in the
Comments group on the Review tab, click the arrow below Delete, and then click Delete
All Comments Shown.
Delete all comments in the document. Ensure that all reviewers’ comments are
displayed. (This is the default setting, but if all reviewers’ comments aren’t displayed,
click Show Markup on the Review tab, click Reviewers, and then click All Reviewers.)
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