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Accepting and Rejecting Proposed Edits
Before you start accepting and rejecting tracked changes and deleting comments,
consider saving a version of the document with all of the tracked changes and comments
intact. In that way, you’ll have a copy on hand if you want to return to the marked-up
version of the document.
Addressing Tracked Changes One at a Time
The key to accessing the changes you want to review is to configure your view properly
before you start going through the changes and making choices about them. Here are the
settings you want to use as you begin to review tracked changes:
Show document markup. Show your document in either Final Showing Markup or
Original Showing Markup in the Display For Review list in the Tracking group on the
Review tab.
Specify the type(s) of changes to display. Use the Show Markup options on the
Review tab to specify which types of changes you want to review. If you want to view
revisions only, then make sure Comments is not selected.
Display selected user revisions and comments. Click Show Markup on the
Review tab, click Reviewers to open the list of reviewers, and then choose which
reviewers’ markup changes you want to resolve. You can resolve all changes at one
time (by selecting the All Reviewers option), or you can select any combination of
listed reviewers.
You’ll notice after the first or second click that the list of Reviewers closes automatically
after each change you make to the list. Therefore, if you want to view the revisions and
comments of only a few reviewers from a long list, first clear the All Reviewers check
box (instead of clearing each reviewer one at a time). Then, click the names of those
who made the changes you want to review. This way, you can configure the list with as
few clicks as possible and avoid having to reopen the list repeatedly.
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