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Accepting and Rejecting Proposed Edits
Optimizing a Document’s Readability when Some Reviewer
Marks Are Hidden
When you turn off the display of a reviewer’s tracked changes, any text deleted by
the reviewer is restored and text inserted by the reviewer appears as regular text. As
you can imagine, this can result in some strange mixtures of original and added text.
If some text looks particularly confusing, display all reviewers’ marks or change the
display of revisions to Final before you enter additional (and possibly unnecessary)
Specify how balloons should display. Click Show Marksup on the Review tab,
click Balloons, and then click to show revisions in balloons, all revisions inline, or only
comments and formatting in balloons.
Show or hide the Reviewing pane. Decide whether you want the Reviewing pane
to be open while you work as well as whether it should appear along the bottom or
left side of your window.
After you display the changes you want to work with, you can move from tracked change
to tracked change by using the Previous and Next buttons in the Changes group on the
Review tab (if comments are displayed, the Previous and Next commands in the Changes
group will navigate between both tracked changes and comments). You can also view and
click edits in the Reviewing pane, or you can scroll through the document and address edits
in a less linear manner. Regardless of how you arrive at a tracked change, you can handle it
in either of the following ways:
Right-click a change (in the document body, in the Reviewing pane, or in a balloon)
and choose to accept or reject the change by using the shortcut menu.
Click in a change and then click the Accept or Reject button on the Review tab
to accept or reject the change and move to the next revision. Or, click the Accept
or Reject arrow and click Accept Change or Reject Change to accept or reject the
change without moving to the next revision.
After you accept or reject a change, Word displays the revised text as standard text. If you
change your mind about a change, you can undo your action by clicking Undo on the
Quick Access Toolbar or pressing Ctrl+Z.
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