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Accepting and Rejecting Proposed Edits
Accepting or Rejecting All Tracked Changes at Once
At times, you might want to accept or reject all changes in a document. For example, maybe
you’ve gone through the document carefully, reading and changing the document in Final
view. When you’re satisfied with the document, you want to simply accept all changes
instead of resolving each change individually. You can do so by executing a single
To accept or reject all changes in a document, use the Accept All Changes In Document or
Reject All Changes In Document commands. To access these commands, click the arrow
below Accept or Reject on the Review tab then click the appropriate command, as shown in
Figure 22-8.
Figure 22-8 You can accept or reject all changes or only those changes by a particular reviewer
by using the Accept and Reject options, which are accessible from the Review tab.
In addition to accepting or rejecting all changes in a document, you can show a subset of
reviewers’ changes and accept or reject only those changes. To control which changes are
displayed in your document, click Show Markup on the Review tab, click Reviewers, and
then select which reviewers’ changes you want to display and resolve. After you configure
your display, click the Accept or Reject arrow, and then click the Accept All Changes Shown
or Reject All Changes Shown option.
Between resolving tracked changes individually and globally accepting or rejecting
all changes in an entire document lays the realm of accepting and rejecting edits
contained in selected text. In other words, you can resolve editing issues on a piecemeal
basis. For example, you might want to select a paragraph or two that you’ve reviewed.
To do so, select the specific text, and then click Accept or Reject on the Review tab to
accept or reject the tracked changes contained in the selected text.
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